Painting services

Have you thought what it dream bike?

In our store you can pick up a bike at individual parameters, combining different components based on your preferences, tastes and needs.
For example, if in our shop the bicycle accessories that suit you is not full, you can dokomlektovat or replace any part directly in our store, our managers and mechanics will help you choose the alternatives on attachments, wheels, frame, seat, handlebars. All work is done on the spot (as the service load). In addition, we have a service for setting up landing on a bicycle on the athlete's physiological parameters, the equipment BIO SIZE (Italy) value of 5000 tenge services, and if you buy a bike in the Pro Team Shop - BIO SIZE service is free of charge.

However, there are also special cases ...

Sometimes a person's desire to stand out among others, to emphasize their individuality and personality is an integral part of its existence. After all, it allows you to draw attention to themselves, and therefore, the person receives certain emotions attracting the eyes of others. For friends Pro Team Shop, a great way to stand out from the flow similar to each other bikes and loudly declare itself a unique service helps Painting services (exclusive painting frames and bicycle parts).


Service Painting services includes:

Removal and cleaning of the existing color of the frame and parts of the bike.
Development of the design concept based on part geometry and material.
Professional-painting application prints using the most advanced technologies.

All work on the design and painting are made masters of Italy.