• Safety bike in 1892.

  • At the beginning of 1880 to replace the penny-farthing (other known names -.. "Grand-Bi" (French grand-bi), «high wheel" (English highwheeler), «normal» (English ordinary) in Soviet sources occurred. called "kangaroo") is characterized by a bike with a very large front and small rear wheel came safer bicycle in which both wheel has an identical diameter, even though modern bikes use a similar design, the term is rarely used today and can be considered obsolete.

    Safe bicycle inventor James Starley began in 1884, and in 1887 the Scottish veterinarian John Dunlop proposed the use of a bicycle pneumatic tire.


    The Pro Team Shop shop the "Bicycle Safety" 1892 release BICICLETTO di SICUREZZAda CORSA


    Bicycling is collapsible metal frame;

    Rims and spokes of the wheels are made of red-hot steel.

    Rubber tires (for the first time then it is on "safe cycling" were used pneumatic tires of rubber filled the air with a special automatic valve closing under the pressure of the atmosphere is sealed);

    The brake system is a brake lever located on the steering wheel. Pads made of wood, when exposed to the braking process the brake handle occurs due to the friction of the tire of the front right wheel;

    Saddle Columbia Kirkpatrick Saddle very comfortable and popular seat in those days (first introduced in 1891), compiled and processed leather for a very thorough technology to give maximum flexibility and softness of the seat you need to smooth the road surface irregularities


  • Bike brands Ganna 1931goda

    Designed specifically for the "Giro d'Italia". (Chassis number 50471, is found in the province of Imperia, Italia)


      In Proteamshop literally can touch history. For our friends in the shop the unique exhibit: bike brands Ganna 1931goda created specifically for "Giro d'Italia". (Chassis number 50471, is found in the province of Imperia, Italia)
    The history of the brand's founder, Luigi Ganna, is also very impressive and deserves special attention of fans of cycling and those who aspire to great victories and iron willpower

  • Luigi Ganna, nicknamed the "King of Dirt" for his athletic physique, for his extremely hardy and the Stoics to climatic adversities character born into a family of peasants working 1883 in Induno Olona, ​​in Varese (VA), (Italy) province. As a youngster, not finding a job in his hometown was forced every day to overcome about 100 km on his old bicycle to Milan in order to support themselves and help their parents. At the same bike he takes part in his first amateur competitions and shows excellent results thus earning some money for their success. Encouraged by the victories of 1905, he leaves his job, and at the invitation of Edoardo Bianchi (founder of bicycle manufacturing company and then Bianchi vehicles) to become a racer professional team.

In 1907, the victor of Milano-Torino-Milano, in 1908 Giro di Lombardia e alla Milano-Sanremo, and finishing fifth overall at the Tour de France. In the same 1908 in spite of the physical exhaustion after the hardest race sets record at the velodrome in Milan, breaking 40,405m for 60 minutes. (Established record lasted 6 years)
Golden year for Luigi Ganna was in 1909, he wins the race Milano-Sanremo, then the winner is the first multi-day bicycle race Giro d'Italia.
1911 finish first mountain stage of the Giro, al Sestriere. Then, on a bicycle of their own production, he wins the race "La Seicento Chilometri", the idea of ​​creation which he nurtured in recent years, taking advantage of advertising soon brought victory, runs a small-scale production of bicycles under its own brand.
After a serious injury 1914godu during the Giro d'Italia, decides to finish his career of professional cyclist and dedicate themselves to the new business, he created the cycling team and the company for the production of bicycles GANNA brand.
In honor of Luigi Ganna called a velodrome in the city of Varese is located in the sports complex Franco Ossola.

Characteristics of the bicycle:
Restored: Bolle Marco-Ciclofficina Artigiana, Italia.
Features: Easy Wooden rim with tubular tires - the front wheel has 32 spokes, rear 40, oiler chain, a reservoir which is integrated into the seat tube, gear CAMBIO VITTORIA lever with three-speed on the rear hub "GIRORUOTA", cantilevered wooden brake Sport Bowden, wheel and brake levers original iron, saddle leather original carriage with nipple «Ganna» of iron, the original paint is preserved with the distinctive marks of the brand bicycle. Frame size 55.